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CADU-CREX Serious Man 40’s (2 months treatment)

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Crescina HFSC 100% is a cosmetic treatment for topical use available in the Re-Growth formulation. Useful in cases of initial stages of thinning. Each box containing 20 vials is for a 1-month treatment, that can be repeated several times a year. A minimum treatment of 2 months is recommended.

CADU-CREX Serious Man 40’s (2 months treatment)

Cadu-Crex is a topical anti-hair loss treatment for cosmetic use in vials that helps reduce the hair loss and promote its regrowth. Available in dosages for hair loss due to physiological-not pathological-causes. Useful in serious stages of thinning.

1 review for CADU-CREX Serious Man 40’s (2 months treatment)

  1. PAUL

    I find this pack more reasonable price wise ,after i use the fist month and saw slight changes ,i wanted to use more to see more changes

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